Data Security and End-to-End Encryption
A mode of communication in which no one else but the end-users can access and read the data can be achieved with the use of end-to-end encryption. At NEUTRON , this simply means that data can only be read by the client. No third Party!
In the event of a security breach, whether intentional or inadvertent, data is always protected due to its encryption and only the client possesses the encryption keys. This makes end-to-end encryption the best and most important form of data security.

The Crucial Protection
Our end-to-end encryption at NEUTRON provides crucial protection for your most private data. Make use of it to protect copies of your passwords, information of bank account, driver’s license or passport. Employees of organizations should be required to keep parts of their most confidential data client-side encrypted. Confidentiality of strategic documents, researches or customer information is assured.

Encryption Keys
This process begins from the client side. Whenever the encryption password is entered on the client’s device, the encryption keys are generated. The client’s private encryption key which is stored on the browser is decrypted by the encryption password. Therefore, it is important to make your encryption password as strong as possible.

Server Encryption and Anonymity
At NEUTRON , we make sure every client data are server encrypted. With the use of your private encryption key, every message you send to the server is encrypted. Since we do not have access to your encryption key, we, therefore, cannot decrypt your messages.
So be rest assured, your privacy is guaranteed.

Open Source Cryptography
Our end-to-end encryption is done with open source libraries. This is to ensure that our encryption algorithms we are using do not have built-in back doors.

Advertisement free
We do not display ads!
At NEUTRON , we believe anyone’s private thoughts should NOT be spied on; this is why we accept absolutely no information from you and we also do not track you for advertising or marketing purposes.
Our end-to-end encryption helps guarantee that data mining your private communications would be impossible and your data would never be sold to a third party.

Ease of Use
At NEUTRON, we understand that a major aspect of security is its simplicity, therefore, you do not have any issue with account management, cipher configurations or cloud access grants. All you need to do is to see your password and you are good to go.